I Never Want To Grow Up

Aug 30 2014



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One Michelin star is good. Two is amazing. Three is only for the gods. –– (for kïan

29) The Hundred-Foot Journey

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Thank you for everything you’ve done at Chelsea. Thank you for winning the Champions League and the Europa League trophies. Thank you for your effort and dedication to the club. Thank you for your patience and team spirit. Thank you for never giving up. Thank you for showing everyone that you should never stop fighting. Thank you for your motivation and incredible work ethic. Thank you for your attitude and respect for the club and the supporters. You’ve been an incredible asset to the club and your achievements will never be forgotten. You will most definitely be missed. 

I hope Milan will bring you happiness and success. I hope you will be appreciated and respected. May this be the best season in your career. You’re an incredibly talented player, there is no limit to what you can achieve. 

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FT - Everton 3 [Mirallas’45|Naismith ‘69|Eto’o ‘76] - Chelsea 6 [Costa ‘1 ‘90|Ivanovic ‘3|ColemanOG ‘67|Matic ‘74|Ramires ‘77]

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Aug 29 2014

What I Learned in School Today: 8/29/14

Every rally is won by one point.

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Counting Stars

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Aug 28 2014


First Kiss

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Johnny Manziel Stars In Hilarious New Snickers Commercial

Johnny Manziel dances in tights in a new Snickers’ commercial, and it is incredible. via SnickersBrand…

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